Modern Garage Design Photos

As a storage room, the garage can help you well organized your space. Every house needs a garage to keep large, infrequently used items, outdoor supplies, seasonal decor or anything that just doesn’t fit indoors. Here are some modern garage design ideas and photos.

Wood siding doors! Perfect to store the family’s bikes and motorcycle!

Modern one-car garage

A minimalist detached shed design in Sydney

The two garages are separated to create a walkway and a guest room above.

Nationwide Closet Storage & Organization Design and Installation

Very tidy and clean design with a modern garage door opener. I guess it’s the model LiftMaster 8550, rated as the top 3 best garage door openers on the market. See more at

The backyard garden shed is covered in ivy. Very cool and green design.

This garage design gives your whole family lots of storage options.



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